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Jan 11, 11 11:40 PM
Know the Culture!
Sep 27, 10 11:22 AM
Sep 13, 10 8:42 AM
August Update
Aug 16, 10 1:56 PM
The Great Purge!
Jul 20, 10 10:50 PM
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"Kulizgu Burzhai~Kulizgu Ash"
We are Darkside~We are One

Welcome to the Darkside Guild website


Mr_Ed7, Jan 11, 11 11:40 PM.

2011 finds Darkside in one of its recruitment drives: THE FELLOWSHIP RECRUITMENT DRIVE
Darkside needs about a dozen new ACTIVE players to best take advantage of a medium guild bonus.

If interested write Sicarii in-game.

Kulizgu Burazhai~Kulizgu Ash!

Know the Culture!

Mr_Ed7, Sep 27, 10 11:22 AM.
Know the culture of The most richly flavoured theme guild of all the DDO guilds.

One aspect is the use of titles.

Emperor (Leader)
Proconsul (Successor)
Triumvirate (Third in Command)
Praetorian ( Fourth in Command)

Lord of the Council (Senior Officer)
Officer (Officer)
Guard (Member)

While the titles over Lord are inspired by the Romans, our guild slogan is in Tolkein's Black Speech of Mordor.

Remember to equip Chaos & Anarchic weapons when in the city to support your guild!

We are Darkside, We are One!


Mr_Ed7, Sep 13, 10 8:42 AM.
September 2010 Calendar is UP!

Make note of Darkside's weekly events like EPIC Monday and RAID Saturday.

Also of note is the Emperor's Rock & Roll Thor's Day at 7pmEST.
This is Sicarii's statitic group with a level range of either 9-13 or 15-18 depending on the group.

To contact Emperor Sicarii Darkhour please write him in game or contact Mr_Ed7 on the DDO forums.

As a reminder Darkside is a casual guild founded on the principals of  play your character as you like with little preasure on flagging and loot aquirment. Some do not care for this laissez faire playstyle, but it has been effective for the 3+ years of the Darkside guild.

Mr_Ed7 himself as come underfire in the forums for his support of the "Play as thow wilt and Judge ye not" philosophy of playstyle. This philosophy supports player's rights to be Arcane Archers, or Shield-Bearers. This philosophy supports guild's rights to campaign and recruit as they see fit. This playstyle philosophy supports players who wish to create "alternative" builds for the sake of game-play enjoyment.

As a reminder Darkside is a theme guild and encourages (yet does not force) the use of emotes, official guild weapons, character biographies and other guild related cultural aspects.

Part of the cultural heritage of the guild is the participation of the monthly Full Moon Party which occurs this month on the 23rd and will begin at 7:00pmEST.

If interestred in joining Darkside please contact a member in-game or via the forums.
See'ya 'roun town!

Kulizgu Burzhai~Kulizgu Ash!
We are Darkside~We are One!

Emperor Sicarii Darkhour/Mr_Ed7
The One True Fighter-Wizard & Warrior-Mage
Leader of Darkside & Father of the Alliance

August Update

Mr_Ed7, Aug 16, 10 1:56 PM.
Update for those that are keeping track...

Yes, we finally have the airship; it is cool, convenient and well worth the wait.

The mail-box, tavern, chest etc are temporary so do not be surprised if they are not there one day...feel free to replace them. Several of us have been logging-out at ship so when we log-in we are all together.

We are the middle of DARK HARVEST, the Emperor's last sanctioned recruitment phase. This is tied in with Darkside's 3-year anniversary we are celebrating. In addition, you can celebrate by inviting players to use the Alliance chat channel.

Be sure to check-out the calendar, Sicarii has been adding member events, have him add yours.

We will continue to purge characters who have not been on in more than three months. This is only being done because guild favor can be compromised by inactive accounts.

Any questions write Mr_Ed7 or Sicarii in-game. Sicarii is currently playing Amancara a level 16 favored soul.

See ya 'round town!
We are Darkside~We are One!

The Great Purge!

Mr_Ed7, Jul 20, 10 10:50 PM.
Darkside characters that are not on for three months or longer will be removed from the guild.

This new policy is due to the recent addition of guild renown to the game.

All former members are welcome back if they had been inadvertantly ejected.

Additionally, thanks to the guild mail invite Officers can invite their own toons into the guild.

Full Moon Party Monday July 26th @7pmEST! Promotions, PvP, Games, and a special announcement!

Look for Epic Mondays & Saturdays @9pmEST!

Oh the Humanity: GUILD SHIPS!

Mr_Ed7, Jul 5, 10 11:32 PM.

The quest for the Darkside guildship is on. We are making progress.
Be sure to take Guild Renown as your quest reward!
Continue to is our way.
We are Darkside~We are One!

The Emperor

Other news: 

  • The Emperor has put-up real-lfe recruitment posters in his local comic-book & game stores
  • Two of  The Council have attained the level of 20: Surething & Kessner.  /SALUTE to them!
  • Full-Moon Party Monday July 26th 7-9pm EST.
  • Look for EPIC MONDAYS in the future at 9pm EST.
  • Catch Sicarii as Ornbear lvl 18 Human Barbarian & Morlock lvl 7/6 Fighter-Cleric or Darkdroid lvl 6/5 Ranger-Wizard. 


The Emperor releases commandments!

Mr_Ed7, Jun 9, 10 11:19 AM.

                                                                    Darkside Commandments

1. Have Fun. (There is no point in being in a guild or even playing the game if you are not doing so.)

2. Play with your guildies. (A guild works best when all players make a point to play with all players.)

3.Write a Character Biography. (Darkside is a theme-based guild. The guild has its background as should your character.)

4. Equip Chaos & Anarchic weapons while traveling through-out Stormreach.

5. Join the Alliance! (Joining this chat-channel increases your chances of filling parties with quality people.)

6. /SALUTE when you see both Darkside & Alliance members.

7. Rename your chat windows from Guild to Darkside and Userchat to Alliance. Also change Darkside chat to purple & Alliance chat to blue.

8. Say "Hello" & "Goodbye" when you can on both Darkside and Alliance channels.

9. Ask guildies & allies first if they are interested in doing a quest or if they need your help before you LFM.

It has been decided...

Mr_Ed7, May 26, 10 11:58 PM.
It has been decided , a PURPLE DRAGON shall reprsent our best be an EVIL looking PURPLE DRAGON!

See you Thor's Night for Darkside party.

The Dark Lord will ride in FORCE!

Mr_Ed7, May 24, 10 11:22 AM.
The Dark Lord, Emperor Sicarii Darkhour will ride in force the Night of Thor, May 27th at 7pm est.

It is the FULL MOON!

Which means a promotion ceremony atop House Deneith where new Guards and new Officers will make their leap from atop the great house.

A special secret announcement will be revealed, not to mention the revelation of the new Darkside symbol...what will it be?

Catch Sicarii in the mornings, where he is available to open quests on elite if he has the means.

Additionally, catch Sicarii on his alts most evenings with his Darkhour Clan.

Kulizgu Burzhai~Kulizgu Ash!

The Dark Lord will ride in FORCE!

Mr_Ed7, May 24, 10 11:21 AM.
The Dark Lord, Emperor Sicarii Darkhour will ride in force the Night of Thor, May 27th at 7pm est.

It is the FULL MOON!

Which means a promotion ceremony atop House Deneith where new Guards and new Officers will make their leap from atop the great house.

A special secret announcement will be revealed, not to mention the revelation of the new Darkside symbol...what will it be?

Catch Sicarii in the mornings, where he is available to open quests on elite if he has the means.

Additionally, catch Sicarii on his alts most evenings with his Darkhour Clan.

Kulizgu Burzhai~Kulizgu Ash!


Mr_Ed7, May 20, 10 11:27 AM.
Catch Darkdroid tonight at 7pm est for his static-group.

He will be joined by Tamrin and possibly others.

Don't forget Full Moon Party May 27th!

May Full Moon Party!

Mr_Ed7, May 18, 10 1:47 PM.
May Full Moon Party is here!

Rearrange your schedules and make a point to show-up.

 Thursday the 27th 7PM EST.

Promotions to follow!

Council positions to be filled.

What's New?

Mr_Ed7, May 11, 10 1:43 PM.
What's new out there?

Well Mr_Ed7 is leveling his 18 paladin Nuradin still. I will be playing him until level 20. My mid-range guy is now Morlock the Fighter/Cleric 6/6. I will be playing him for 2 levels. Lastly I am leveling Darkdroid my 3/3 Ranger/Wizard.

Enough about me.

I am still really looking forward to the guild-housing and half-orcs. I believe both will benefit our guild.

Other events? Look for me regularly in the evenings EST and also in the mornings to change the Message of the Day.

Weekends are raid time. Keep your eyes open for Alliance members leading these raids.

Also at the end of the month will be our May Full Moon Party.

See ya 'roun town!

Weekend News!

Mr_Ed7, May 7, 10 10:11 AM.
Kulizgu Burzhai~Kulizgu Ash!

The weekend is here...

Look for possible raids on Saturday & Sunday with Alliance members.

Blackstrap will be on at 7pm tonight & Nuradin on Saturday & Sunday.

Display those chaos & anarchic weapons while in town, and give a /salute to guildies!

We are Darkside~We are One!

Darkside Times

Mr_Ed7, May 3, 10 11:26 AM.
Summer months are headed this way, for some that may mean more play, for some less.

For Darkside it means guild modifications are on the way in the form of guild-housing and the like.

August will be our 3-year Anniversary as a guild.

After the Surge from a few months ago and the recent Contagion; recruitment will be on hold until August.
This does not mean you can not recruit, it just will not be a guild-wide promotion.

All Officers are encouraged to recruit like-minded, quality players.

A recruitment drive around the release of the Half-Orcs will be likely.

In the meanwhile keep playing with your guildies and Alliance members.
Stay motivated & stay positive. If you have trouble starting a group, try again.

Let guild and Alliance members know you are available and willing to help in quests.

Remember to equip Chaos & Anarchic Weapons while in Stormreach.

That is all for now.

See ya 'roun town!

We are Darkside!~We are One!

ALSO: VOTE for the DARKSIDE symbol on this site!


Mr_Ed7, Apr 29, 10 11:29 AM.
 A successful Full Moon Party occured on the 28th of April.

All showed up with chaos and anarchic weapons in tow, including our strongest allies: The Thieves Guild.

The Emperor felt that Turinde, Leader of the Thieves Guild, is such a strong ally that he should be given an honorary title of Lord and sit upon Sicarii's Council of 12.

Dranman also recieved the long overdue promotion to Lord and a seat on The Council.

The Emperor believes there may be a traitor on The Council, and will be set to fill that position...who will it be?

Look for the Alliance Raid Trains this weekend!

Contagion: Recruitment Phase ends on the night of Venus so...Recruit!

Kulizgu Burzhai~Kulizgu Ash!

Weekend News!

Mr_Ed7, Apr 23, 10 8:37 AM.
The weekend is here.

Contagion!: Recruitment Phase continues. Please recruit quality players. If player is not interested in joining Darkside, then invite them to utilize Alliance chat.

 Don't forget that Sunday the 25th, is the Alliance Raid Train with Iraeval of the The Thieves Guild.

Look for Mr. Ed/Sicarii as he levels his 18th level shield-blocking medic, Nuradin Abayad the Paladin.
 Also being leveled will be Blackstrap the Fighter-Rogue from 6/5 to 6/6.

Mr. Ed plays most evenings and is off and on through-out the entire weekend.

Keep up the dark work & I will see you around town!

We are Darkside! We are One!

Sunday Raid Trains!

Mr_Ed7, Apr 20, 10 11:26 AM.
A very successful raid train occured Sunday the 18th.

This raid train will continue weekly at 3pm EST.

The raids were sponsored by the Alliance, and lead by Iraeval of The Thieves Guild.

Look for more raids in the future!


Mr_Ed7, Apr 12, 10 2:01 PM.
Darkside and its sister organization Alliance are currently in a recruitment phase, code name CONTAGION.

All memebrs are encouraged to invte players to join Darkside or if not, at least the Alliance.

Officers actually have the ability to send a proper invite and get the player into the guild.

The more members in both will make it easier to form groups of like-minded amicable players. Additionally, it is the Alliance's One Year Anniversary. May 1st, so there is cause to celebrate.

Keep up the Dark work and RECRUIT! RECRUIT RECRUIT!


Mr_Ed7, Apr 8, 10 11:06 AM.
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